A psychic healer not only heals the physical body but also has been given the mission of spreading spiritual understanding.  

The healing energy received from the 8th dimension or higher (this numbering of dimensions is done to make it more understandable) is presently a gift given to only 13 individuals worldwide.

There also seems to be an increase in individuals able to perform psychic healing worldwide, although they have not attained the 8th dimension or higher healing energy.  It is said that those individuals now number about 30.  

Because the concept of time does not apply to the dimension where the healing energy originates, there is no pain nor scars resulting from the treatment. 

It is said that the effectiveness of psychic healing is to return oneís internal organs to their original healthy state.  But if your aim is to remove wrinkles, please pursue plastic surgery instead since psychic healing will not be able to remove them. 

By viewing the photographs of the psychic surgeries, it appears that various organs are being removed from oneís body.  However, this is rather the accumulated toxins that have materialized and are being removed.  You may do any number of psychic healings without any problem.

Illness begins and grows from possessing negative thoughts in the mind.  These negative thoughts lower the spiritual level which influence and weaken the human cells by making the body susceptible to various diseases.   Headaches, coughs, runny noses, fever, diarrhea are  not illnesses, but rather symptoms, which are a part of the natural healing process of all human beings.    

Psychic healing invigorates the weakened cells and extracts the materialized toxins.  However, the true essence of psychic healing is to work on the core cause of those negative thoughts which initially led to those cells being affected and provide the energy of spiritual healing.  

For example, a volcano will keep erupting as long as the magma is still active.  Until the magma deactivates, the root cause of the eruption will exist. In a like manner, diseases manifest themselves through oneís negative thoughts.  Take for another example, a person gets an ulcer from worrying about money matters and has surgery.  However, until he changes his negative outlook, his ulcers will continue to reoccur. 

Why isnít this wonderful psychic healing treatment more widely accepted?  
Well, what do you think would happen if this becomes more popular? 

The present medical profession, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are all coordinating via the media against such psychic healing calling it phony.  For were it to succeed, they would go under financially since there would no longer exist a need for traditional medicine as we now know it.   

Psychic healing is based on photon energy.  Photon is a particle of light  - but also possesses characteristics of electro-magnetic waves.  Its effective range is not only at the level of atoms but even at the genetic level.    

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A non-profit foundation has been established and a holistic wellness center has been set up by personal donations from the Yoyume spiritual group individuals. We expect to have psychic healing, spiritual seminars, etc.

DATE: Anytime after September, 2005
LOCATION: Alfonso (near Tagaytay), Republic of the Philippines
FEES: Psychic Healing:  Basically US$100 / session (Not including transportation/meals/lodging)

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A letter from a person who received the psychic healing:

It was incredible.
I was kind of scared and did not look at the actual operation that he
conducted on me. But I saw my blood on the towel wiped out of my body
surface. I felt no pain at all.
I have already booked for the next session on this coming Sunday again and I
am planning to take photos this time.
I did not say anything but he said "stomach inflammation" after the
operation. And later on the woman who assisted the healer mentioned "I saw
he moved one of your back bones". Indeed I was feeling my backbone was
crooked a little bit.
After he did the operation, he placed his hand closed to my body and input
invisible force to me. After that I did not realize much of the change but I
felt my breathing is very calm. I think the efficiency to absorb oxygen has
been improved. Also, I realized that it was like when I did fasting.
My stomach has still some pain but I think it's in the process of healing.

Through this experience, I have realized that I should work on to enhance my
understanding of spiritual level.

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The purpose of conducting psychic healing is to cure serious disease, maintain optimum health, and develop spirituality. Criticism from any persons who deny this type of supernatural phenomenon will not be welcomed.




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