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January 18, 2003
In over 30 countries worldwide, there was a simultaneous anti-war rally held. In America, even in below freezing temperatures, nearly a half million people in Washington, D.C. demonstrated against the war while in San Francisco, nearly 200,000 individuals marched in protest to the possibility of war.

From our group, three individuals joined the San Francisco rally via an overnight bus trip from Los Angeles to give their support. The right side of this screen shows photos from this San Francisco rally.

Although this many people were there, the media failed to report the volume of support and instead seemed to downplay the event. Unfortunately the American media is totally controlled by the Jewish element. Therefore, anything that would lead to a disadvantageous point for the Jewish community is therefore not reported by the media. You should realize how distorted believing in such one-way inputs may lead us to erroneous judgments.

What do you think is the reason behind our need to go to war with Iraq at this time? It stems from the financial power that Iraq has gained in its trade with Russia, France and China in dealing with its oil reserves. Now this power has grown and there is a necessity to weaken their strength. Who would want to weaken their strength? Yes, you guessed it!
It can be said that America is the subordinate country of Israel. America wants to show its strength of military force and justifies its reason for war as peace. However, its actual purpose is to rule the world.
Before, Bin Laden fought as our ally against the Russians. However, after the 9-11 incident, he was cited as the perpetrator of the horrific attack on America which led to our immediate attack on Afghanistan. After this fever died down, America diverted its target and began its attack on Iraq citing the hiding of weapons of mass destruction and targeting Saddam Hussein as the evil one. There is no consistency here. The main objective is to go to war - any reason can be used to justify it.
On 9-11, there is information that about 4,000 Jewish workers did not show up for work at the World Trade Center. If that is true, these Jewish workers knew ahead of the event that such an attack was forthcoming. A prior contrived scheme was in place to blame the Muslim factor for this incident. Just as America knew prior to the Pearl Harbor attack that it would happen and allowed it to happen, the 9-11 incident also was allowed to happen.
We must not believe in all that is presented to us by the politicians and media. The two Bush Presidents are both concerned with private gains from the military industry and the profits to be gained from the oil business, that is obvious. Keep in mind that the oil industry has been trying to keep us dependent on fossil fuels. We need to wake up and not obey their wishes or direction. These types of peace activities, if they grow to a level that cannot be ignored, can make a difference and can influence such self-centered individuals or groups.
Recently, there was a law proposed that if you purchase an SUV, nearly the total price would become tax deductible. This is definitely not a discreet ploy being used by oil industry backers but rather shows the desperation they have reached in trying to get all of us to consume more fossil fuels since our positive thoughts have grown to a level which has given pressure to the industry.
Please train your eyes to discern the truth and use the universal measurements to make wise choices.

REFERENCES: 9-11 / Noam Chomsky

Jan 2003 / Anaharase (Contact)
Translated by Atoshe





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