NOW. Earth is on the verge of death!

NOW. We must grow out of fossil fuel dependency!!

NOW. We must explore and develop other clean energy sources without giving in to political pressure!!!

Everyone is aware that fossil fuel, such as oil, is the source of most environmental pollution and will destroy our planet earth within this century if its use remains unchecked. But, factually, how many of us feel the urgency and the need to seriously consider clean energy sources to prevent further deterioration of our environment and our planet earth? And the majority of us who do agree that fossil fuel is bad for our environment are neither willing to change their life style nor sacrifice their comfort by limiting its usage. On the contrary, we ask for more, for bigger, for faster, etc. and are suffering from the MORE-MORE SYNDROME. Many so called self-proclaimed environmentalists may support environmental protection with words but communicate more loudly to the contrary through their deeds. They contribute to the accelerated destruction of the earth such as by driving gas-guzzling V8-SUV's, don't truly recycle, and fill up their trash cans on a weekly basis with "waste" products such paper napkins, paper towels, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.

Isn't it scary that we do not realize or acknowledge our contradictions and inconsistencies? Isn't it a mystery that even some vegetarians who do not eat meat due to their kindness to animals can waste our "renewable resources" such as trees, plants, and flowers? Even a kid knows what paper is made of and may realize that the life of a tree is sacrificed for a throwaway piece of paper. Let us all stop and reflect! Are we using the paper with appreciation and only as necessary? Unfortunately we cannot live without even indirectly taking the life of another or affecting its well- being. We are at the top of the food chain but do not appreciate it and generally behave with great arrogance towards other species. We do not only consume to sustain us, but from the viewpoint of natural law, consume gluttonously. We do not really know anymore when to stop and how it feels to live with appreciation and gratitude. We again have to learn how to be satisfied. That is the only way to prevent the MORE-MORE-SYNDROME so common among us. Environmental protection must start with us in conservation and wise use of all natural resources.

*Members at yoyme.com support various environmental protection groups. Currently we are rallying against Offshore Oil Drilling and are looking for volunteers who are interested in supporting this worthy cause. Please contact us using the inquiry form.

If your are interested in Environmental Protection and conservation of natural resource and want to do more to help, please also refer to organizations such as: www.sierraclub.org www.calpirg.org www.culturechange.org www.wdcnet.org




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