As you know, about 70% of human body consists of water.

Water is very sensitive and easily influenced by 'HADO' (energy vibration). There are no identical characters in water molecules.
The shapes of water molecules change based on how they are influenced by its placement, the music it listens to, the human thoughts directed towards it, etc.

The following pictures indicate how the shape of the water molecules are influenced by our thoughts.
Using the same test water, one container had a paper written with "THANK YOU" (in Japanese characters)  wrapped around it and the other had a paper written with "YOU FOOL" (in Japanese characters) on it  This was left overnight and the results are shown below:  The one with "Thank you" turned into a beautiful hexagonal crystal shape while the one with "You Fool" turned into a fragmented form .   

Photographing crystallized water

Although water is unable to read, you can see that it is influenced and reflects the shared thoughts of humans who project their feelings even to inanimate objects 

Because the human body consists mainly of water, one can realize that the influence of HADO on our bodies is very strong.
It is clearly illustrated by these crystal photos that having destructive thoughts, or even being near someone with destructive thoughts, is not a good idea. 
In contrast, you can see how important it is to always possess good thoughts and be thankful to others which should lead to a more harmonious coexistence with others.  

These photographs are published in a book entitled "The Message from Water" written by Masaru Emoto and published by HADO Publishing.

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