Many of us usually use the words “spirit” and “soul” without distinction, but have you ever wondered about the difference in meaning?
In “spirit”, there are words such as a great spirit, a guardian spirit, a guiding spirit, and an evil spirit. On the other hand, “soul” has the words, “soul food”, “group soul”, “lost soul”, etc.
 In general, it does not really matter which word to choose, but understanding of the difference of the two words in the evolved dimension is as follows:

 “Spirit” – All life energy of Divine Spirit derived from the Great Spirit
 “Soul” – The collective consciousness of a particular group

Of the body, mind, and spirit that make up our human beings, the spirit part, which is our true entity, is also affected by soul, which is collective consciousness. For example, when many act upon the idea that aims victory of certain countries in the event such as a war or the Olympics, people who usually do not have such idea or even Gaia, which is the spirit of the earth, can be affected.
When the spirit is affected, it also affects the mind and the body. At such times, you should protect your spirit by wrapping it in purple or indigo (blue) light, and send healing energy to the world and the earth.

By the way, when we are hungry, we eat food to maintain our body. So what would be the food for our mind and spirit? As they exist in invisible worlds, of course what feed them are not material.

 “Mind” – Love
 “Spirit” – Light

For those who have been hurt and suffer, give them Love and kind care from the heart. For spirits which do not know where to go and wandering in the dark, send them Light. — LOVE & LIGHT.

The energy of giving will be returned to you as healing energy. In the physical world, we have different bodies, but in the invisible world, we are indistinguishable. Food, Love and Light – these simple things will heal many people.

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