We perceive that we have become sick when we have symptoms such as “headache”, “coughing”, “clogging nose”. But this idea seems wrong.

Such symptoms are actually signs of healing and detoxifying process that the body is trying to cure with its innate natural healing power.

So then, what is the real illness?

It is said that “disease starts in mind” in an oriental proverb, yet few people understand it and introspect what are in their mind and thoughts or review if they had any negative thoughts.

Sickness starts with energy frequency drop caused by constantly having negative thoughts that affects blood and cells of the body. Actually, this is the real illness, and it cannot be defined only by the symptoms appeared in the body. The symptoms appear in order to cure the affected part of the body where the physical system sensed.

Therefore, if you listen to the body’s complaints and review and replace any negative thoughts in your mind, your etheric body gradually will be healed and thus it will eventually be reflected upon your physical body.

“The sensors that can detect it has been given to each individual soul by the Great Spirit,” explained by the spirit guide.

So when you have symptoms and get diagnosed, it could be a reference but may not be necessary to overly react with the test results, while especially the modern medicines focus on alleviating symptoms instead of curing the root cause.

Healthy natural foods or medicines that are said to be good for average people could provide adverse effects to some people.

This is because each physical body is made up of different cells and blood, just as everybody’s face is different. Scientifically, cells are made up of proteins and water, and contain DNA and bases, but their structures are different in each individual.

In the same way, causes of illness are different for each person, yet the same treatments are being given to ones who have the same symptoms.

Let us take an example of allergies. The doctor will instruct you not to eat this and not to touch that, but there is nothing in nature that must be eliminated. The only things that have to be removed are the things that humans have created for humans for self-serving purpose, without considering nature, the universe, or other life forms.

By reviewing your mind to check if there have been thoughts or acts of self-serving and correcting them, illnesses can be healed and health can be maintained, according to the teachings of evolved dimension.

It is very important to check whether you are acting based on harmonious coexistence. Each cell of your physical body maintains balance and coexists in the manner of helping other cells.

What would happen if a group of cells think that they are the best and should prevail?

In such case, the balance of whole will be lost. But such cells exist. We call them cancer cells*.

As you can see in this cell example, we humans must also help each other by accepting and playing each given role.

And maintain your mind with a spirit of coexistence and serving others will lead to maintaining good health. Needless to say, but if maintaining good health becomes your main goal it downgrades yourself to self-serving.

The important thing is that we realize each role and be the healthy living cells of whole circulating energy and coexist.

* Later guidance revealed the existence of tiny life forms largely in our blood that have wisdom and capability that are equivalent to the Creator or God including materialization and dematerialization. For instance, they create the white blood cells to control the immunity. Since the science has not discovered it yet, we call them “SOL (Source of Life).” Some people called them ‘somatids’ but what they see is only their physical aspect, according to the guidance. SOLs are immortal and work for the living organism that inhabit. When negativity or toxins continuously enter the body and critically affect the weakest cells or organs, SOLs scarify themselves to nullify the negativity or the toxins. The result of their sacrifice, deformation of SOLs so to say, is called cancer.

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