At last, I have to talk to you about something that is very critical – the contents are very sad and shocking but because of its importance, I ask that you read on:

“‘Natural Selection’ may have already begun” said the Spirit. Every 11,000 years, Natural Selection repeats itself – e.g. The civilizations of Atlantis and Mu. They were far more superior to our current civilization, but they were totally and drastically annihilated. You may be simply surprised that such an advanced civilization existed on Earth, but that is not the issue or point in this discussion. The main point of this discussion is “‘Why was it wiped out’ and ‘what is the key to Natural Selection?’ If you can comprehend the ‘why’, then that is the key to understanding the explanation of Natural Selection.”

The Spirit said, “‘Natural Selection’ occurs when the Earth can no longer sustain itself”. In conclusion, air pollution is the cause of global warming, environmental deterioration, and the breakage of the natural eco-system. Humans have used the natural resources selfishly for their own benefit – thus blindly destroying the natural ecological system. This has resulted in such detrimental damage, to the point that, the Earth is unable to regenerate or attain a rebirth and halt this destruction, thus leading to a Natural Selection. Earth is presently on the verge of death. If we continue to destroy the Earth, it will die. Before any further destructive damage can be done, Natural Selection must take place.

Again, as stated, the Earth is presently on the verge of death. The world population is more than double of what the earth can support. Health and longevity is a nice thing – however, it can go against nature. The desire to escape from poverty has led some poor nations to have more children and we have failed to give these poor nations the proper support through education. Thus, the Earth is now facing a population of over 60 billion people.

Moreover, we humans kept cutting the forests which produces the necessary oxygen which all living things need to breathe. This act of stupidity is incomprehensible for humans who have received God’s seed – Many large industries in Japan have even gone to the tropical rain forests and into Siberia to cut trees for commercial purposes which has lead to deforestation.

To give one small example of how humans have destroyed the environment can be seen in the grading of mountains and bringing in the stone and gravel to build the Osaka International Kansai airport by landfill. By doing that, it is the main cause of the Kobe earthquake which hardly anyone realizes because the investigative reports have been withheld and concealed from the public.

Judging from all of these facts, we should conclude that Natural Selection has already commenced. Lately, the world economy and political situation has become very gloomy and tense – this is all part of this Natural Selection. The reason we say “a part of” is that we do not know how it exactly will take place – it could be by war, natural disaster or a great famine.

Another reason for Natural Selection is the human desire for materialistic things – this greed and negative thoughts continue to grow and expand and becomes a big energy (called Satanic Energy). When this big energy begins controlling, then that is when Natural Selection takes place. Our current situation is based on this reason. When Satan controls, humans use arms to destroy one another. But people being controlled by Satan do not realize that they are choking their own necks (they only think of their own benefit – God’s light does not reach them in their darkness).

Normal people are the victims of this or they get entangled in these situations. In order to prevent this Natural Selection from occurring, if even one more person can raise their spiritual level or light and send good thoughts to your universe of the subconscious mind, it will remain. Another reason we must raise our spiritual level is that our universe is composed of elementary particles – Natural Selection occurs not only in the Third Dimension but also in the subconscious spiritual world. Things happen in both the materialistic and the spiritual subconscious-mind worlds.

Ordinarily, when a person dies, his Spirit returns to the Spirit World to the level that you achieved while on earth and reincarnate later. But when Natural Selection occurs, for those whose spirit levels are not high enough, they cannot return to the spirit world. They become “Quarks” – a subatomic unit of low level entities that would restart as a mineral and take eons to reincarnate as a human again. Therefore, we must take immediate action due to this one third overpopulation – some drastic action will wipe out humans.

Meanwhile, the earth ascension is about to occur, or has already begun. A more concrete explanation of the ascension is the earth’s axis angle changes along with the elementary particle density or consistency surrounding the earth. Many other changes will also occur. A series of phenomenon occur which is called Ascension… the Earth itself is a living thing which has been given a life from the Spirit – just like humans, it is also evolving. Minerals already have felt the changes and adjusted to this ascension of the Earth accordingly. When the Earth goes to the next level, all living things which are not able to adjust will not be able to exist and shall therefore perish. It will be impossible to survive in this different environment without being able to adjust.

If we are able to raise even one more person before this ascension in a ring of harmony, we must try to survive in this harmonious circle by raising each person’s spiritual vibration.

Bringing the subject back to the environment, the Spirit’s message is given as follows: “first, the universe and then the earth were created. The first one placed on earth were the plants (vegetation), next were the animals and all of the necessary ecological life systems to support living things and finally humans.”

From this viewpoint, we may learn that humans were destined to live and co-exist with nature. According to the message, humans were placed on earth to manage the eco-life system. However, in reality, look at it! What is this? Humans have done whatever they have wanted to do to satisfy their egos – very selfishly destroying nature and pursuing convenience and profit for materialistic gains. Humans have totally forgotten their original destiny, purpose and consciousness.

The last civilization (Atlantis or Mu), the science was much more superior to what we possess now, especially in genetic engineering. They created genetically engineered things – not God’s intention and totally against nature. It seems they must have created unbelievable animals/beasts – for example, the creature Minotaulos which appears in mythology but seems to have actually existed. Even now, gene recombination is being vigorously studied (hybrids). However, creating and inventing creations which actually changes the original structure (constitution) and goes against the natural law deserves to be annihilated. We should learn from the teaching of 11,000 years ago.

When the activities of this group are able to enlighten even one more person in comprehending these messages and pursuing truth by learning the spiritual truths and understanding and acting on or practicing it, then we will have fulfilled the purpose of writing all of this. We pray that this guidance will help everyone’s devotion to the pursuit of spiritual truth.

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