Yoyume Spiritual Guidance

Yoyume Spiritual Guidance

Love & Light


What is Yoyume?

YOYUME means LOVE in the ancient native American language.

“MESSAGES FROM A HIGHER DIMENSION” is a reference guide which may be useful in life’s daily application. It will help you find ways to shape your life and make it better and more fulfilling. It is absolutely not related to any religious entities but rather a pursuit of spiritualism.
Although messages from a spiritual guide are presented in this site, it is not our intention to initiate any new religions nor acquire advocates.

“MESSAGES FROM A HIGHER DIMENSION” is written based on messages from a spiritual guide called ‘YOYUME‘, Yoyume has descended to this dimension to spiritually guide a small group, who have peacefully met to meditate and contemplate the meaning of life. Yoyume speaks through a medium, who is one of the group’s members and utilizes her voice.
Yoyume has clearly distinguished the guidance given from theories of curiosity or entertainment, stating “I am helping you in your spiritual growth and it is not my intention to tell someone’s past lives or names, prophesize the future, nor show supernatural phenomenon”, although those things have been occasionally demonstrated in her sessions. 
The messages are real and are not fiction.

At the initial stages, although we tried to record the guidance (even purchasing several sophisticated tape recorders in case that was the problem), the audio tapes could not record Yoyume‘s voice although other sounds and people’s voices were registered with no problem. Later, it was discovered that the blockage was purposely done by the spirit guide in order to prevent copies from being sold and distributed for commercial purposes.
Nevertheless, we have decided to put the guidance sessions on the web so that they may help with your spiritual evolution and advancement for the good of all who wish to learn. We base this on the belief that we understand Yoyume‘s intention that “you should apply what you have learned and “the Divine Providence will then prevail”.

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