While we live in the world where there are always wars, why would the true cause and behind the story are not being publicly reported nor correctly described in textbooks?

The reason for this is that war is often brought by dark-intended reasons that countries and organizations with different interests pursue their own profits. Such things cannot be publicly announced.

For example, the American Civil War. The history we have learned in the textbooks is that the industrial-centric North won the battle against the agriculture-centric South and liberated slaves that were held in South.

However, the scope from the higher dimension cannot be fooled. It is said that the real background is that the North, which needed more labor force along with accelerated development of the industry, tried to acquire slaves from the South. “It was not a war that humanitarianly tried to free slaves,” the spirit guide clearly said.

How about the World War I and World War II?

It is said that the cause of World War I was the conflict over the colonies among the trilateral alliance and the trilateral cooperatives in Europe, but the fact is that the Sino-Japanese War is also involved, according to the spirit guide.

It was quite astonishing that a small island nation like Japan had beaten the great power of Qing and Japan had become a threat to the countries around the world.

According to the spirit guide, the Sino-Japanese War began by Japan’s invasion taking advantage of weakened Qing (now China) by the Opium War. Apparently, the textbook’s teaching of the struggle over North Korean colonization seems to be for public reasons.

And the opium war was said to have started from the fact that Britain spread the opium produced in India to China tried to substitute silver being smuggled to China and China burned the opium. The real cause, however, seems to be more on religious conflict.

At that time, the Christianity was being actively promoted in the Dynasty of China. Chinese side asked to allow traditionally worshipped Confucianism as well, but the Pope rigorously rejected it . Therefore, the Chinese government became angry and tried to deter the spread of Christianity by restricting trade with the Great Britain. Britain, which was getting out of tolerance on the trade restriction, then scattered opium in China. And Chinese people who had become opium addict began smuggling huge amounts of opium, and the government burned them off. The Opium War was started by Britain in an attempt to lift the trade restrictions and hopefully colonize a part of China. This is the truth of what was taught from the spirit guide.

As we can see, wars have been created when countries or organizations with different interests try to eliminate claims of one side.

However, let us think from a different perspective here.

Take a tree, for example.

The leaves say, “If we don’t have leaves, we can’t get photosynthesis and get the nutrients of light. We are the most important.”

Then, the branches say, “No, if there are no branches, the leaves cannot stick together and receive nutrition. We are the most important.”

Then, the trunks insist, “No, there would be no branches or leaves without the trunks. We are the most important.”

When the roots heard it, they say, “It is the roots that support you. And the roots suck the nutrients from the soil and send them to you. We are the most important.”

As you can see, it cannot exist as a “tree” in such a disjointed manner.

The roots, the leaves, the branches, the trunks, all of them are important. If any one of them are missing, it cannot exist as a “tree”.

As another example, take a look at your body.

Stomach says, “Humans cannot live without food. The stomach that digests what you eat is the most important thing.”

The mouth then says, “No, it is the mouth that chews the food and makes it easier to digest.”

Lungs: “Human also needs air. It is the lungs that allow breathing.”

Blood vessels “No, the blood vessels that carry the absorbed nutrients and oxygen throughout the body are the most important.”

The brain, who was listening to it, claims, “What a fool. It is the brain that controls all the organs. The brain is the most important thing.”

Let us apply the “tree” and “body” of these examples to the “earth.”

Countries or organizations become exclusive without respecting the culture, customs, religion, etc. of each country or organization. If they justify their claims and try to impose their methods, it would be obvious to everyone that the “Earth” does not hold.

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