The spirit guide has explained about the dreams we have when sleeping, so let us share it.

It seems that modern science has not yet fully understood about dreams.

That is natural in science because dreaming is a spiritual experience.

First, let us think about how and why humans dream.

Is it a manifestation of a conscious or unconscious experience in the mind?

Although it is one of the reasons, we would need to go a little deeper.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you will never have a dream that does not exist in your consciousness. If you say so, some people may be surprised, “I never thought of that kind of thing …”.

There seems to be a reason for this. The guide spirit explained:

“Everyone lives with a consciousness of 10% of the whole. 90% exists as an unconscious (subconscious).”

The explanation goes on, “There are two main types of dreams, one is a subjective dream that you can see by yourself, and the other is a dream that is projected by the intervention of a third party.”

“A dream that you have in the morning, when your physical body rests, energy is replenished, and your mind and body are healed, is usually a subjective dream that you thought in our consciousness and unconsciousness (subconscious). When you are awake and aware of what you are thinking consciously, even if bad thoughts emerge, you do not notice them because your rational mind controls such consciousness. However, when the control is lost, your consciousness wanders freely. Your consciousness leaves your physical body and goes to a different dimension as a soul. Your consciousness travels to the dimension that matches to the level of your frequency and experiences various spiritual experiences, sometimes to the spiritual world that you will reach, another time to the spiritual world that you belonged, and so on. It is also possible to have a spiritual experience worth hundreds of years of our physical time, just within a fraction of time.

Therefore, it is natural that when you wake up (when you return to the third dimensional world), it does not make sense because we can only perceive 10% of the total consciousness, and the other 90% cannot be understood.

This is a description about a subjective dream.

What about another dream, which is projected by the intervention of a third party?

“Many of dreams you have right after falling asleep or when you suffer in drowsy state are shown by earthbound spirits or animal spirits. Your soul travels and experience with that soul to the dimension of that soul’s vibration. It may not be necessary to examine the meaning of good or bad from the experience. However, if you constantly dream that is horrible, endangering others, or being threatened, it is possible that your energy is low and your spirit is dark. In such case, you may want to examine your thoughts and consciousness based on what you saw in dreams. ”

The spirit guide advises, “If you have a very scary dream, call Angels of Light in your dream.” Then, if you are influenced by lower entities such as earthbound spirits and animal spirits, they will separate you from such energy vibrations.

In the meantime, there is also a dream that manifests into reality. Such a dream is often shown by your guardian spirit (or higher-self).

“During sleep, your body is resting and your soul goes back to the real world (the spiritual dimension) to play and study. When you are unwittingly pursuing a wrong path diviating missions in life or to give you an awareness of your life mission, your guardian spirit could show you in a dream what you are supposed to do in life. ”

If you remember the dream and experience that is materialized in the physical dimension, you may perceive it as ‘deja vu’.

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