Depending on the intention lying behind any action, the same action may produce completely different results. For example, as explained in the chapter “Materialistic Desire and Spiritual Advancement,” when contemplating how to make money, it is important how you are planning to spend the money. If the purpose is to merely satisfy your materialistic desires, then it is not considered to eventually serve your ultimate purpose of life. However, should one put the money to use by sharing it with the provider of good services or products with an attitude of appreciation, the results shall be quite different.

It is attributed to the fact that notion and action creates karma. Karma is the cause and effect “reap as you have sown” concept and is a very simple principle. Good deeds bring good results and bad deeds bring bad results. This mechanism is considered to be the result of a natural phenomenon that the sub-conscious dimension existing in the Universe tries to counterbalance against human’s notions and actions.

As explained in the chapter on “Suicide,” there is a tremendous difference between committing suicide to escape one’s pain and suffering as opposed to sacrificing oneself for the sake of others based on your love for them. This may be a repetition of the concepts presented in “Basis of Judgment” which stressed the importance of love-based decision. You always have a choice in thinking of who would be hurt or who would be pleased by your actions. You know it is important to keep your actions from being self-centered but to be based on the concept of helping others and carried out with love for others.

The message also offers an explanation on the concept of Love. “When you realize that everyone in the world are one and they are part of you, you will be ready to give love to others.” In other words, you acknowledge that you all have a different physical look but we all belong to the same life origin and are connected in the sub-conscious world. By understanding that concept, you can truly love each other.

There are many who pay little attention to spiritual learning which is very regrettable. However, according to the message, criticizing them leads to judgment. “Risks of Judgment” mentioned how it blurs one’s mind by looking down upon another’s opinion. When you encounter such individuals, a suggestion is to wish for their maturity and happiness and talk to their guardian angel through your prayers.

That notion will eventually lead to good karma and bring good results and happiness to all.

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