As explained in another chapter, one is always given a choice in life when making decisions, regardless of whether it is a big or small matter, in our life. In “Basis of Decision Making”, the importance of making decisions based on Love is explained as the consideration of whether the outcome of your decision would help and bring happiness to others or hurt and harm others.

The meaning of “judgment” as discussed here differs from “choice” or “decision making” in the basis of Love. It is rather like pre-judgment or prejudice. Although it may be good to be a decisive person, it may be risky to be judgmental.
“Judgment” involves apprehension and anticipating one’s future anticipating based on one’s past experience, not giving another a chance claiming he is known to be incapable of doing it, or conditioning things to be good or bad.
We as human beings are constantly making these judgmental behaviors unconsciously. These are all “judgments” and different from “choice” or “decision making”.

Nothing exists passively in this world. Energy is constantly being exchanged at all times. Grass, trees as well as human beings are continuously growing and changing.
For example, when you think “he is inferior to me”, in the next moment, that person could actually be surpassing you. From this, you should see that it is pointless to make snap judgments and label anything or anyone, such as “he cannot do more than I expect” or “your opinion is wrong”. With this understanding, one must realize how important it is to be humble so that you may learn from everyone and everything.

Should one make no “judgment”, one must accept things as they are. It means to acknowledge the fact that everything in the universe exists according to the Law of Nature.
When you do not accept things as they are just because they do not go the way you wish, you are struggling against the universe.

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