One of the Laws of Nature is that nothing happens by accident in this world. This is also known as the Karmic Law.

Perhaps it is easier to give an explanation using examples. Grasses and trees grow continually. If a sunflower seed is sown, sunflowers bloom. If a morning glory seed is sown, morning glories bloom. When one sows a sunflower seed, one never expects a morning glory to bloom.
The Karmic Law works exactly the same. If a good seed is sown in one’s thought, a good result follows. If a vicious seed is sown in one’s thought, one should expect a vicious flower to bloom.

Every event happening at the present time is attributed to what you thought and how you behaved in the past.
People oftentimes believe that praying to God brings them good fortune but that is a not perfect understanding. Actually, when one prays while one’s body and mind are completely relaxed (a meditative state) and one chants or contemplate the same prayers repetitiously,  the thoughts in the prayer reach the subconscious world, which retains A massive record bank (also known as “collective consciousness” or “Akashic Records”) and eventually manifest itself in this materialistic world as realization.

The subconscious world does not judge whether one’s thought is good or not, nor gives advice one to discard bad thoughts – yet it is left to the individual to choose and be responsible for what thoughts to input.

For example, if you need “money”, you may think that
(1) I want money; or
(2) I am going to have enough money

Let us examine the difference between these two conceptual approaches.
(1) It is the same statement as “I do not have money now.” The subconsciousness gives the exact situation of what you input.
(2) The statement is in a present tense thus it is not a lie even if you currently do not have enough money. If you could even imagine a scenery that you are giving money away, the subconsciousness will create the situation that you have enough money to give away.

You cannot give what you do not have but can if you have. That is how the subconsciousness works.

If you are not presently rich but you say “I am rich”, your true state of mind resists it because your subconscious knows you actually are not. Then, according to Murphy’s Law, the adverse thought in your subconscious mind manifest.

In order for your to admit the possibility of becoming rich, you must believe that you possess that potential to become rich and you must convince yourself that you are going to be rich.
When your belief gains enough strength to reach the subconscious state, it manifests itself in this reality as would a sown seed grow, bloom and bear fruits.

Therefore, in conclusion, one should accept things as they are in the present and as to the future events, choose to input your wishes as they have already manifested. If you continue to input in such way until you believe that it has already happened, it becomes the reality just as a matter of time.

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