The differences between Body, Mind and Soul have been explained in previous chapters. Mind is the force behind Soul’s usage of the tool (Body) in order to accomplish our missions.

Mind consists of four elements : “INSTINCT”, “EMOTION”, “INTELLIGENCE” and “ETHICS”.
INSTINCT can be defined as the natural urge/drive or spontaneous reaction inborn within us to protect and maintain our bodies (animalistic ordering function).
Anger, sorrow, pleasure, joy, love, satisfaction, loneliness, suffering, etc. are all components of EMOTION. These feelings are automatic reporting function reacting to a situation.
INTELLIGENCE is a judgment function which is acquired after birth.
ETHICS is the function to evaluate whether the action you are about to take, based on instinct, emotion or intelligence or a combination of these, complies with the basic teachings of Spiritual Ethics.

It has been previously stated that the body has accessories called the five senses attached to it, which are the eyes (sight), ears (sound), nose (smell), tongue (taste) and skin (touch).

The Message explains our behavior pattern regarding the feel-think-act circuit as follows:
“When you feel through your five senses, the message is sent to your brain. The brain then uses the spiritual energy to relay that message to your soul. The soul tells your decision-making mind to then command your body to take action. In case the command does not influence your body, that energy remains in your mind in a state called notion (the 4th dimension).”

The soul is unconditional love itself and is a spark derived from the Creator.
The more your mind complies with Spiritual Ethics and is filled with love, the more your spiritual energy shall be elevated (raising your hado) resulting your anger, egoism, and all of your negative emotions and intuitive actions diminishing as your soul is filled with more love and your actions become spontaneous based on Spiritual Ethics.

If you control your instincts and emotions well using your intelligence and ethics and focus your mind on benefiting others, it becomes easier for you to receive energy from the spiritual world and it becomes hard to have negative emotions and selfish instincts flowing through your mind.

When you try to do this, you should be aware that one cannot be perfect all of the time. One, as a human being, should admit that it is intrinsically natural to have negative feelings and  act in a self-centered manner. But attempts should be made not to worry about each negative awareness. Rather, it is important to try to raise your spiritual energy by filling yourself with love and thinking about helping others. Then, shades of negative emotions will spontaneously fade away.

Rome was not built in a day. And no one is perfect from the beginning. Aim to improve yourself one step at a time.

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