If our souls are derived from the Creator’s soul (energy) and are destined to continue raising our spiritual levels by going back and forth between the material world and the spiritual world carrying a specific mission in each materialistic life time, then why don’t most of us understand our mission in life?

Before we analyze this, let us note that there are very few who are aware that everyone possesses a specific mission in life.

Purpose – why was I born into this world? What is the meaning behind my being here?

People who do not realize that each of us has been given a mission seem to usually spend a meaningless life. They live only for the moment and pursue pleasures to satisfy themselves and their endless desires.

A mission is your goal setting at each stage of your life. In fact, it is said that you have made your plan or blueprint for your life before you are born. When an event occurs, an option is given to you to choose. Once made, by making that decision, your future life course will be determined.

Choosing a right path leads you to a joyful, loving and fulfilling life. However, if your decisions are not according to your mission, you will repeatedly face the same situations, which test you until you make the right decision in order that your mission may be achieved.
Even if your life this time ends without achieving your missions, you will have to face the same challenges once again in a future reincarnation. It is called karma – which is based on universal law or principles. The same amount of exact opposite energy is needed to balance out an event. It reacts and counterbalances in order to pay off a karmic debt.

Then, once again, the question remains, why don’t we understand our mission in this material world, which you promised to do prior to your entry into this world?

According to the message – “No one knows exactly what their mission in this world is. If you know precisely what it is, you will work only on that particular matter”. It is therefore intentionally not made aware to you so that you will not only focus on that alone.

The message continues. – “Before you came into this world, you promised the Creator to accomplish your mission. Your left brain only remembers memory since your birth and cannot remember anything prior to that. However, your right brain and soul do remember. You probably have experienced or felt some indescribable exhilaration which touched your soul and left you with an extremely pleasurable feeling – it is in those moments when you are reminded of your mission.”

For example, when someone gives you money, it is not the money but the thought behind that action which you appreciate. If your focus lies only on the money, you will end up in a never satisfying loop.

Money, cars, houses, clothes, and your body are merely tools to accomplish our missions. The energy directed towards those material things only last as long as these material things exist.

Your feeling of fulfillment will multiply when you cease thinking about the way of kindness with “I did this for you”, but rather truly unselfishly treating others by doing what you believe they want or need.

The choice is up to you. Even the small things, if you feel it is right, go with that feeling. That “gut feeling” is being sent by the right brain – your soul is talking.

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