Whether you are conscious of it or not, as you pursue your quest to raise your spirituality, you will begin thinking as follows:

“I think I understand my life mission. But I don’t have enough funds/resources in order to achieve it.”
or “I cannot even think of helping others because of my health condition.”

Although these thoughts sound quite common, how many people are truly healthy, affluent and perfectly balanced and harmonious in their family and working situations?
It may sound very severe, but these are merely excuses for our inaction in accomplishing our mission and also become the basis for our complaints about our condition.

According to the message:
“We have been given all of the tools (including conditions and abilities) necessary to accomplish our missions and what you have to do presently.”

Some people may offer extreme examples and ask “then, how in the world can an incapacitated vegetative person contribute to others?”
Indeed, it is quite reasonable to imagine that such individuals with comatose or brain dead conditions cannot move around and therefore cannot help others. However, the fact is that those individuals are the truly courageous ones. Why? It is because they purposely chose that condition of their own free will as their mission before coming to this material world.

When a person is stricken with a condition in which he is unable to control his body, how do the family and friends handle that situation? Some will devote themselves to take care of that person while others may only ponder their inheritance. No matter what the response, the surrounding people shall all be affected in some manner by the situation. Because of that, you cannot say or think that an immobile person does not contribute anything.
The person’s existence itself is the value and he contributes by influencing others.
Therefore, you can see that it is wrong to think that those with handicaps cannot contribute to society and are not valuable to others.

As the message says, you have all the necessary things to do what you have to do now, no matter what condition you are in.

Giving materialistic limitation, such as financial situations or health conditions, etc. as the basis for not being able to perform your mission is merely a poor excuse.

If you continue using these excuses as your reason for inaction and continues to live your life in an egoistic way and indulge yourself, that choice will create karma and result in a bigger challenge, whether in this life or in the afterlife.
Sooner or later, you must experience this. Otherwise, it remains and you will be faced with the challenge over and over again until you fulfill your mission. Therefore, why don’t we start sooner? All of the necessary tools are now in your possession awaiting your action.

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