When you have to make a decision, you often contemplate which way is the best. Some make their decisions based on their own deductions while others may consult with a specialist before making a decision.

Is there a perfect criterion for judgment?

The message explains what it is:
“When you are not sure how to make a decision, the answer will come out spontaneously if you base your decision on Love (the resource of life energy) – ask yourself ‘does my decision hurt anyone?’ or ‘does my decision please anyone?’.”
In other words, if you feel your choice would bring joy and happiness to you and those around you, the answer is “yes”. On the contrary, if the results of your choice seem to cause hurt and harm to others, then naturally the answer is “no”.

Whenever your choice is based on Love, your choice cannot fail.
Nevertheless, the choice based on Love oftentimes requires one to chose the hard way and in this material world, that may require sacrifice on one’s part.
It is a true choice of Love when one sacrifices oneself and gives up his possessions and devotes himself to others. However, when one considers it a sacrifice to give to others, then one is not really conducting himself with Love.

For example, when it is cold and you give your clothing to others or you donate money although you do not have enough for yourself, it is based on one’s Love for others. However, giving away things that you don’t need to others is not true giving but merely ridding oneself of your surplus goods.

Bear in mind though that the message is not saying to give up all of your belongings so that you yourself will suffer, because that is also against the law of nature (balanced co-existence).

The message is saying that you should simply start with little acts based on Love and expand little by little.

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