“Why does this happen to me?”

Many would think like this when misery persists or when a great disaster strikes.

There are two types of causes for events to happen that make you feel “victimized”.

One is karmic retribution due to the consequences of being invited by your wrongful act or having negative thoughts.

Many religions and philosophy books, including Buddhism, explain this.

However, there seems to be another cause.

It is related to the mission given to each of us.

Let’s compare the mission to a “blueprint” in architecture.

Just as every building needs a drawing before it is built, there must have been a blueprint before this life was planned. Everyone brings each blueprint of life, that is our own mission in life, when we are reincarnated.

Everyone comes down from the real (spiritual) world with the promise “I will do ○○ in this life”. However, the memory of having such life purpose is concealed. This is because if you have the memory, you cannot learn. And once you know it, that likely becomes the only thing you will do in life.

Born in this material world, we will learn while experiencing various things, but the blueprints are deeply hidden in our soul. So most people live without realizing it.

And if you are doing something that is not in the blueprint, the trajectory of your life course will become misaligned. However, if you do not become aware of it, your guiding spirit / guardian spirit may perform “trajectory correction” before you derail from the life purpose too far and it becomes too late to correct.

It seems that a lot of energy is required to materialize it, but it indicates how much energy of love given from the guiding and guardian spirits.

Meanwhile, in this dimension, the events that occur due to trajectory correction are often referred to as misfortune. For example, becoming sick, being injured, or meeting an accident that people refer as “cursed.”

The events that occur due to such trajectory corrections are usually unthinkable or out of your control.

It is important to be able to distinguish whether the event of misfortune is a result of doing something wrong (karma), or getting trajectory corrected, as well as always having calmness and fairness in mind to be able to notice signs of trajectory correction if there is.

Furthermore, it is desirable to constantly meditate and be mindful of not deviating from the blueprint so that trajectory correction is not required. These are the conditions of happiness for all.

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