What do you speculate are the differences between Body, Mind and Soul? 

There are people who think that  Body and Mind are the only components of human beings  – for them, the concept of Soul does not even exist in their dictionary.  

It is because the existence of Soul has not yet been proven in the scientific community.  For those of you who do not believe in the Soul, you do not have to believe but  we suggest that you consider this topic as a hypothesis. It is up to your own free will to accept this hypothesis or not after reading this.   

The differences between Body, Mind and Soul:

The most common reply would be that Body and Mind exist in the physical world and Soul exists in the other world.

In other words, unlike the other world, there is a necessity that the Soul has to “wear clothes” (a physical form) to act  in the physical world (the universe composed of quantums).  There are two types of “clothes” – one is visible and the other is invisible.  The visible clothes is the Body and the invisible clothes is the Mind.    

We can say this understanding is correct, up to a point.  

However, the understanding in the Spiritual World is more in depth.

First of all, the Soul is the resource of all living energy existing in the Universe.  According to the message, everyone and everything existing in the Universe possesses a Soul which is a spark derived from the Creator.  

As the physical Universe advances itself, so too is each Soul destined to continue in its advancement.  Each Soul in its journey  reincarnates through the spiritual world (non-physical world), planets outside our solar system, or  on the Earth in our solar system and advances through its travels.    

In the process of  our advancement, while in the Spiritual World, our souls had chosen certain countries, race, families and our individual missions and then have reincarnated to the Earth.  Your bodies are the tools in order to accomplish our missions in the physical world.  

Tools are useless unless there is someone to put it to use.  The Mind is the force behind the Soul’s usage of the tool (Body) in order to accomplish our missions.   

However, there are some whose Minds are controlled by the tools. 

The body has accessories called the  five senses attached to it.  These five senses are via the eye (sight), ear (sound), nose (smell), tongue (taste) and skin (touch).  

These five senses are given to us to help us avert any obstacles put in our course on our way to advance our souls and accomplish our missions.  The mind and the five senses are very closely related and interconnected.  However, one must be wary that the five senses do not become dominant.  The Mind can lose its control should the senses overtake control.  For example, one should eat to live, not live to eat.   

If it applies to you, please be mindful of this.  

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