Meditation is essential to one’s communication with the other world (subconscious world) and is a basic fundamental point in living a fulfilled life.  

When you are in a deep meditative state or for those who have mastered the martial arts, there comes a moment when it seems that all time stops and you are able to see clearly with a sixth sense (mind’s eye).  This can only happen when your mind is completely clear and void of all obstructions and your mind is in a completely serene state.  

Anyway, it is important to contemplate all matters in a meditative state.  

When you are thinking about something and you “hit a wall” or no matter how much you try, you cannot resolve something, it is most likely because you are using your left brain.    

The right brain is passive and the left brain is logical. The left brain usually directs the right brain but thinking based strictly on the use of the left brain will very probably lead you on the wrong path.  

The left brain is logically based and is a conglomeration of the knowledge you have gained during your lifetime.  However, the right brain, although passive, is supremely powerful due to its ability to draw from the subconscious world (collective consciousness) which possesses a memory with no time or national boundary limits.  It can perceive information through the limitless and timeless massive collective consciousness which one feels as one’s intuition or feelings. 

However, most people today rely on the left brain to guide their lives, always thinking logically.  

One’s true self may be perceived by you as existing only in the 3rd dimension (the physical world).  However, while the physical body exists in the 3rd dimension,  at the same time, your other self, the mind, exists concurrently  in the 4th dimension (invisible world so to speak).  

The Mind and Body have a deep relationship through the five senses.  

Once one’s thoughts are acted upon or take a physical form, we, in the 3rd dimension, can realize it as a fact.  Usually, one’s thoughts are known only to that person until those take a physical form. 
However, in the 4th dimension, every thought becomes a reality, even though no action took place in the physical 3rd dimension.  

Continuously maintained thoughts will eventually yield results in the physical world.   
Should one perceive good thoughts constantly, the guardian spirits and masters will join in and good things will come as a result in the physical world.  Therefore, if all of us join in thinking thoughts of peace, harmony, and symbiotic coexistence, this energy will be amplified and we will be able to achieve a higher spiritually evolved world.  

Meditation is essential in strengthening the depth of communication with the 4th dimension.  

Since there is no scientific basis for this concept, what is written here can only be vaguely perceived.  This is due to the fact that with the left brain, there is no method of analytically or logically explaining this concept.   Therefore, one should contemplate these ideas based on one’s feelings.  

Through meditation and leading your thoughts to the right path by merging them with your subconscious level and balancing it  with the left brain, you will gain access to a more successful existence. 

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