How much money would it take for you to consider yourself rich? $10,000, $1 million or some people may say $1 billion?

But in truth, one does not feel wealthy until he possesses that amount – and even then, he will want even more – it is a never-ending materialistic goal. 
The same applies not only to money but also to age. Therefore, what age do you wish to live to? 100 years? 70 years? Do you want to live to the world’s average lifespan age or do you wish to surpass and create a world’s record?

These materialistic desires and goals are never ending. 

In this physical world, nothing exists forever. Your attachments to these physical things exist only as long as they last – once it is gone or broken, the energy you directed towards those objects and the attachments to those objects can no longer exist.

This also pertains to love between man and woman – if one chooses one’s mate based strictly on the basis of looks, wealth or age, the relationship will flourish as long as those attributes hold. However, as those attributes fade or disappear, so too shall that love fade unless the love is based on an unconditional love. Unconditional love is beyond materialistic and superficial attractions. It is love on a soul level and is based on a true heartfelt appreciation of another soul’s existence. 

We are not saying you cannot have materialistic desires. You may think being wealthy is better and a long life is better. 
However, we do not want it misunderstood that material wealth will not always bring you happiness. Many people believe that by attaining riches and wealth, that it will automatically bring happiness. But as statistics show in America, the suicide rates are highest among the wealthy, proving that material wealth is not necessarily proportional to your happiness quotient.

There is a way to make wealth and happiness proportional. 
A wealthy person may share his riches among many, an elderly person may share his many life experiences and profound knowledge to the younger generation, a happily married couple may show by example how to have a harmonious and balanced life, a successful businessman can give jobs for many and contribute to society through his business acumen.

How you are going to use the materials given to you is the main point of this. By using the materials given to you to use for the benefit of others will result in your realization that you are able to make a difference for the better (confirmation of your true power: the power which comes from your true self in the higher dimension). It will lead to raising your personal spiritual level as well.

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