Some individuals, such as those involved in missionary work, have been discouraged from getting married and having a family. There seems to be some reason behind that.

It is good thing to appreciate your parents and your ancestors who gave you your physical body. However, to concentrate your love primarily on your family and your relatives leads to self devotion.
Also, when you are married and have your own family, it becomes hard to direct your love to others outside of your family.
Besides, having a family requires all aspects of responsibility to support the family.

Being single or childless tends to make it more easily able to associate with Spiritual Ethics (to accomplish the mission you chose before coming to this material world). If it is considered that having a family or children impedes one’s mission achievement, the wish to having a family or children may not be fulfilled.

In those cases, no matter how hard one tries, one cannot find a spouse or have children. In this material world these situations are considered misfortunes. However, these misfortunes may be necessitated by your situation to accomplish your mission.

If you try to live against your mission (if you do things contradictory to your life plan), you will most likely receive “corrections” by your spirit guide. When the “corrections” manifest in the physical world, they are oftentimes perceived as tragic events (although they are activated with love by the spiritual world). Therefore, you should realize the reason behind those “corrections” and try your best to accomplish your mission.

The main concentration should be on one’s proper perspective. If one lives according to the the law of nature (balanced co-existence), one will live a life helping others and will likewise be supported by others.

Although this concept may be very difficult to understand for those who can feel happiness only in materialistic pleasures thereby finding path difficult to follow, it is the sure way to be blessed with true happiness.

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