Have you ever wondered how easy and wonderful life would be if things went the way you wanted?

First, we all need to understand that nothing against the laws of quantum physics occurs in this physical universe – an universe that is described as the “heavy and low energy world” according to the spirit in a higher dimension. Because, however, the physical part of the human body does not exist within a higher dimension, the same principles of quantum physics do not apply. In the higher dimension, there are various different levels, and each level has its own limits and learning processes.

These concepts are beyond our comprehension, but one thing is clear. If this physical world were made to enable you to realize your own will easily – for example, being able to accumulate a vast amount of wealth instantaneously or being able to build a vacation house on the moon or acquire any other desires you may have, you would never learn your life lessons.

This same logic can be applied to your daily life without going to extreme lengths. For example, if you are in a comfortable financial situation that easily enables you to purchase a car for your child, there is no lesson to be had by either you or your child because there is no struggle or obstacle to be faced in the process of wanting something and acquiring it. On the other hand, it is an entirely different situation if you are not wealthy enough to easily afford purchasing a car, but your rationale behind the proposed purchase is that since you have not been able to provide much material comfort to your child thus far, you want to buy a car for your child as a “once in a lifetime” gift; and, with that, you go through a period of financial struggle to save money bit by bit until you finally save enough to purchase the car. 
The important thing gained from this process is the caring thought for your child and the process of making this effort to accomplish that goal.

The heavier the weight that is lifted, the stronger your muscles are built. The same principle applies here in that the more difficult the task, the more you can learn from it. That is the reason behind our choice to come to this lower dimension (Earth) – to continue our learning process.

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